Presidents' Conference

Several times a year, the LEO MD 102 hosts a unique opportunity for LEO club presidents, vice-presidents, and occasionally other board members to come together and learn from one another through a series of workshops and meetings. Known as the Presidents' Conference, each gathering is tailored to specific goals, but they all share a common focus on improving club life and supporting presidents in overcoming the challenges they may face.

At these events, participants engage in discussions about the latest trends in service, leadership, and club management, all while sharing their own experiences and ideas. The atmosphere is electric with energy and excitement as attendees from different regions and backgrounds come together to learn and grow.

With sessions designed to challenge and inspire, participants leave the Presidents' Conference with new perspectives, enhanced skills, and a greater sense of camaraderie. These events provide a unique opportunity for LEO club presidents and board members to not only develop their skills and knowledge but also to make lifelong connections with other passionate and dedicated members of the Swiss and Lichtensteinian LEO community.

Photo: Canva Studio