LionsBase mobile v4.1

Subscribe to the feed of Lions events you will attend, and only those ones!
It's highly likely you subscribe to the calendar of events (link at the end of the agenda of your club, when authenticated). This way you never missed a Lions event anymore. However, we all are really busy and from time to time we cannot attend an event. The problem is, even though we properly decline the invitation, the list of subscribed events is not adapted and we still see those events in our device calendar, which is actually quite disturbing. This new version of the LionsBase mobile application finally lets you subscribe to the list of exactly those events we confirmed we are about to attend! To do so, use the gear icon from the list of upcoming events in the mobile application. You will find a button to copy the subscription URI to your mobile device’s clipboard. You should then refer to the corresponding release notes (please find link below) for further instructions on what you should do with that subscription URI. Apart from this new feature, the release comes with a few bug fixes. Be sure to join us in the Google+ community LionsBase if you want to know more.

Release notes