New Lions website

Philosophy new website Lions Club MD102 Switzerland-Liechtenstein

The multidistrict website is now largely based on the use of news. On the one hand, the homepages of the MD and the various districts allow "feedback" from clubs and zones to highlight them; on the other hand, the use of categories (for example Youth, Music, Conventions) allows certain messages on a specific topic to be displayed. In this way, the same messages can be reused in different contexts and can be managed centrally.

The central information management also complies with the new European regulations (DG regulations) on data protection and archiving. Deactivating or archiving information that is obsolete from a central news management area is much easier than finding the information to be changed in a complex hierarchy of pages and subpages. 

In the coming months, as clubs and zones create more and more news-content, the way they are grouped and organized at a higher level will be improved more and more.