International Camp Staff Meeting (3 – 5 May 2024) in Zürich

This weekend, MD 102 - Switzerland and Liechtenstein - had the privilege of hosting the Lions YEC staff meeting in Zürich.

The 3-day event was organized by @petra_wildemann and enriched by her Youth Delegation team for D102E and D102C, @Enrico_Tedaldi and @Bruno_Egli, and by Leo President @Michèle_von_Moos. We hope that all participants found the event as stimulating and rewarding as we did. Many thanks to our Governor, @Dominik_Guler for creating and sharing a great video of the event with us.

🦁 #md102 #YEC

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We sincerely thank the international teams from different countries who took the time to participate in the event, sharing their deep experience and insights, in an invigorating discussion of new options with a new mindset for our Youth Program. Many important points regarding camps, host families and program organisation came up which are clearly deserving of further consideration.

A big thank-you also goes to @Barbara_Flügge (DoktorB) for guidinig us through the various workshops with her experience and knowledge from “Mobility Moves Minds”. We learned about an exciting new methodology and were guided in immediately applying what we had learned to our topics with regard to the world-wide Youth Exchange Program.

We shared our experience of a variety of local youth exchange programs, learning about camps conducted by our colleagues in other countries. We shared our status in the “Structure Project”,  led by @Tomas_Grigas and the “Digitalization Project”, led by @petra_wildemann.

In the course of our discussions, we also got to know and appreciate each other on a personal level, at the opening “Get-Together” dinner, dinner in the city of Zürich on a “Nostalgic Oldtimer-Tram” and the Tour “See the airport from a different persepective”. We hope that everyone enjoyed the time together as much as we did.

Heartfelt thanks also go to @Enrico_Tedaldi for guiding us though the tour with his extensive knowledge of Zürich. And more thanks also go to our 2. Vice Governor @Urs-Müller and to Lion @Manfred_Pfeiffer for guiding us on the tour throught the airport with theie deep knowledge of airport processes in general and security procedures at the airport and in the air.

And a big thank you to our Council Chairperson @Madlaina_Barth for supporting the Youth Exchange Program and this event in Switzerland & Liechtenstein.

We look forward to sharing the fruits of the event with all Youth Exchange Delegates during the Europe Forum in Bordeaux.

Petra Wildemann

Youth Exchange Chairperson MD 102 Switzerland and Liechtenstein